Turning Pointe Dance Studio

Turning Pointe Dance Studio Spring 2021 Dance Schedule

The class schedule is listed below. Please note that any class with a * by it is an invitation only class that the instructor must place you in based on age, skill level, attention span,
and overall focus / ability of the student.

Please email me (kmaddaloni@gmail.com) if you are interested in a class or have any questions or would like to register.

*Please note: Classes will only be held if enough students register.

* If classes are not filled,
times may shift as those classes would be removed from the schedule.


4:45-5:45pm Private Lesson RESERVED
5:40-6:05pm Tiny Tots (creative movement, basic ballet steps – ages 3-4)
6:15-7:05pm Level 1 Ballet, Jazz, Tap (new students or those with limited experience ages 5-8)
7:15-8:15pm Advanced Ballet *Invitation only
8:15-9:00pm Pointe *Invitation only


4:45-5:30pm Private Lesson RESERVED
5:30-6:20pm Beginner Modern / Contemporary (ages 6-10)
6:30-7:30pm Private Lesson RESERVED
7:30-8:30pm Private Lesson RESERVED
8:30- 9:30pm Private Lesson RESERVED


4:45-5:15pm Private lesson RESERVED
5:15-6:05pm Level 2 Ballet, Jazz, Tap (ages 6 and up)
6:15-7:05pm Beginner Jazz / Hip Hop (ages 6 to 10)
7:15-8:05pm Intermediate Jazz / Hip Hop (ages 11 to 13)
8:15-8:45pm Private Lesson RESERVED


4:45-5:15pm Private lesson RESERVED
5:15-6:05pm Intermediate Ballet (ages 10 and up)
6:15-7:05pm Tap/Jazz (ages 10 and up)
7:15-8:05pm Advanced Modern/Contemporary
8:15-9:15pm Advanced Jazz / Hip Hop (ages 14 and up)


Payment Schedule for 2021

Payments are made monthly from September through May/June.
*Please note: Classes begin Monday September 16th; however, September is half a payment.
Membership Fee: There is a $50 Membership that runs yearly to join the Community Center.
This applies to ALL students.  If you have more than one child, the second Membership is ½ off.
(A note from the center Director, Michael Dooley: All youth must have a membership to participate in BCMC activities. This provides access to Gymkix, open gym nights, and any other programs we may add. This is enforced due to requirements from the Center’s Grant Writers / sponsor, United Way and through the board of directors. We are consistently the cheapest or one of the least expensive youth memberships. This also covers cost to run the program in a very old building with constant repairs.)

Studio is closed December 24 to January 1. Classes resume on Jan. 2

Payments are due the first week of class every month.

Registration Fee: There is a $10 registration fee per student. This applies to ALL students. 

One Group Class: $45 monthly
Two Group Classes: $80 monthly
Three Group Classes: $105 monthly
Four Group Classes: $125 monthly
½ hour Tiny Tots Class $30 monthly
*Please note: The discount on group classes applies to the same student; if you have two children taking a class, each child pays $45. The center does offer a sibling discount of $10 off your total monthly bill.

Private Lesson Students

Students must pay monthly.

Cost is $40 per hour lesson, or $20 for half hour lesson if the student takes an additional group class.

If you need to cancel your scheduled lesson, 24 hours’ notice prior is appreciated. If you cannot provide 24 hours’ notice, then two hours prior to the lesson I ask that you notify me via text message (610-780-3390). If insufficient notice is given, you will be required to still pay for the lesson you missed. It will not be made up. Please understand that I will be at the studio for that time frame if you do not cancel ahead.

NEW this Year! A Turning Pointe Dance Mom Class!

This will be a 6-week session held at Turning Pointe on Friday evenings at 7pm.

This class runs from October 4 through November 8.

Cost is $70 per person. (No Community Center Membership required.)

Please email me directly if you are interested (kmaddaloni@gmail.com).
We can discuss as a group if we would like to do more of a jazz /hip hop-based class or focus on toning and stretching with ballet and barre work!
Either way it will be a blast!