Preserving Our Heritage While Creating Memories

For decades, the BCMC has been here helping shape young people’s lives. The centers impact on the community is immeasurable; with affordable afterschool and weekend programs that benefits youth, adults, and families. Programs such as these help reduce youth behavior issues, provide a place to socialize in a safe structured environment, and promote physical health. Whether the building is called the Community Center or was called the “Y”, the youths that came have many fond memories. These memories help tell our story.

Our ability to continue to serve and create new memories for future generations of youth is being challenged. The historic building that has been serving the community since 1921 is in desperate need of repairs. We must address several important maintenance issues which includes a new heating system, ceiling repairs and new windows. Our estimated expenditures are over $200,000 that is just to continue to operate. We also must make additional improvements to better serve the community going into the future.

We are a non –profit organization that rely on the community financial support. This community support helps our youth in their development which strengthens our community. Please consider remembering the Center in your will or in other giving opportunity ways; such as a onetime gift, multiple year gifts.

Checks can be sent to the Birdsboro Community Memorial Center, 201 East Main Street, Birdsboro, PA 19508.

Please call the center at 610.582.2471 for information on planned gifts or to donate by credit card here today!