Camp Adventure 2020


Welcome to Camp Adventure 2020! We are excited to host this year amidst all of the craziness that this year has been thus far. Below, we will describe to you the following things that are important to know to register your child for Camp Adventure.

• The Camp Adventure 2020 dates will be June 29th to August 21st

• Camp will run from 9 am to 3 pm, with morning and extended care options as well. Morning Care begins at 7:30 am Extended Care ends at 5:30 pm

• We will be requiring a $100 deposit to ENSURE your Camper's registration. If something were to happen, such as another COVID spike, or another circumstance that would require us to not have Camp Adventure before Camp starts, you would get this deposit, along with any other money collected, back

• If you have already paid and registered your child/children for Camp Adventure 2020, you do not need to do anything at this time

• Please refer to our FAQ's information document for all camp questions


Please complete the Camp Application "click here" to download, fill out, and scan to, or fax it to 610.582.1053 and select your individual week option and payment via the PayPal link below.

More information will follow.

Any and all questions, please email us at



Camp Adventure 2020 Individual Week Payment Option


Camp Application / Payment

To register online for Camp Adventure Summer Camp, please complete the below application form and then proceed to the payment option through PayPal.

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Daily Medication Needed (required)

In the event I cannot be contacted, I give the Birdsboro Community Memorial Center permission to obtain emergency medical care for my child at the nearest hospital

Permission Initial (required)

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Does the member have any special needs/health issues (include allergies) (required)

Any Medications (required)

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I hereby give permission and consent for my child to participate in any and all activities provided by Camp Adventure. I understand that all safety precautions will be taken and I will not hold the BCMC, it’s staff, volunteers, or officials legally liable for any damage suffered by my child including any personal injury, bodily injury, including dental, which arises out of my child’s participating in its activity, program, or field trip.

Initial Consent (required)

Please fill out anybody who is authorized to pick up our campers, and their relationship to the camper:
If on any given day, one of the listed below people are not able to pick up your child, you must call BCMC to inform who is picking them up. (Please provide BCMC with any documentation of custody / divorce issues that may arise with pick up)
Name and Relationship:
Example: John Smith - Father

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